XR Stories and SIGN launch new Virtual Production podcast

XR Stories and SIGN have launched a new podcast series all about Virtual Production (VP). The podcast brings together different perspectives to explore the latest developments in VP practice and R&D across the UK.

Over ten episodes, podcast host and XR Stories researcher, Nina Willment, chats to guests working in and around VP about subjects including sound design, data ethics, simulation and Artificial Intelligence.

Drawing on research undertaken by XR Stories and SIGN, the podcast also investigates the impact of VP on Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity (EDI), skills, and sustainability in the creative industries. 

With insights from freelancers trying to break into VP, professors driving the VP research agenda and award-winning producers, the podcast delves into the challenges and opportunities in this rapidly evolving area. 

The first episode in the new series, ‘Virtual Production: Setting the scene’ with Steve Jelley from Dimension and Andrew Chitty from Loughborough University and UKRI, is available to download now on your favourite streaming platform. New episodes will be released every Monday.

Listen to the podcast.

Download the podcast.


Published on 2 October 2023

Filed under: Digital storytelling, Research, XR Stories