XR Stories and SIGN at Nordic VR Forum 2022

Team members from XR Stories and the Screen Industries Growth Network (SIGN) will give a keynote presentation at the Nordic VR Forum 2022.

Taking place on 1 and 2 November 2022, the forum is an annual conference in Hamar, Norway. Spread across two days with talks and workshops in both Norwegian and English, the programme explores immersive technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), and their use within healthcare, learning, training, gaming, city planning, metaverse, and storytelling.

Nina Willment, research associate at XR Stories, Pip Rackshaw, skills and training manager at SIGN, and Wendy Sissions, SIGN’s internships and bursaries manager, will present ‘An Introduction to Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Virtual Production’. Their presentation will focus on how emerging technologies are revolutionising the screen industries in Yorkshire and the Humber and beyond, disrupting traditional workflows and pipelines, and ultimately forcing a seismic shift in the skills that are required to tell unique and forward thinking stories.

Nina said, ‘Pip, Wendy and I are incredibly excited to join the Nordic VR Forum team and share all of the amazing research, R&D, skills and training work going on at XR Stories and SIGN. It will be an amazing opportunity to learn more about the innovative work in education, training and storytelling with immersive technologies occurring within Norway and beyond, and to hopefully make international collaborations which will last well into the future.’

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Published on 31 October 2022

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