Two new Strategic XR projects funded

Innovative research and development work is poised to get underway thanks to receiving funding from XR Stories’ recent Strategic XR call. Prox & Reverie, a cutting-edge studio with big ambition, is working on two new projects – Shapeshifter, and Glimmer and Symphony.

Shapeshifter is a groundbreaking XR immersive experience that invites you into an unravelling story that blurs the lines between reality and dream. Prox & Reverie are working with performance capture specialists, The Imaginarium Studios, and Volumetric partners, Dimension Studios, to develop a groundbreaking new free-roam immersive experience. Prox & Reverie are aiming to tell stories that can only be told in an immersive form, and Shapeshifter represents part of their work exploring how worldbuilding can be informed by XR technology.

The second project, Glimmer and Symphony, is a new XR format exploring the relationship between storyteller and audience. Glimmer is an interview technique using a mobile volumetric capture rig, that can record and livestream an interview. Symphony represents the audience and allows them to become an active participant in the story. Glimmer and Symphony aims to challenge assumptions, and to push the boundaries of stepping into someone else’s shoes.

Prox & Reverie are supported on both projects by academic partners at the University of Leeds, working collaboratively with expert staff and facilities within their Centre for Immersive Technologies.

You can read more about these projects and other initiatives we’re funding on our projects page.

Published on 11 November 2020

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