PhD student pioneers new podcast tools with BBC R&D 

A PhD student working with XR Stories and BBC Research and Development (R&D) has developed new software to help podcast producers create automated, personalised content.

Jemily Rime, a PhD student in the Department of Music at the University of York, is conducting research on the production of personalised and immersive audio using AI-driven tools for podcasts. Jemily joined the BBC R&D audio team for a six-month placement funded by XR Stories and BBC R&D. 

“I don’t think I would have had the chance to work with a partner like the BBC without XR Stories facilitating the process,” says Jem. “The placement gave me valuable insights into how the industry works and where best to apply my research to help pioneer new technology and workflows.” 

Segmenting podcast audio into chapters is an essential but time and resource intensive aspect of podcast production. The tools developed by Jemily during her placement offer the podcast industry a quicker and more efficient process for slicing narrative audio into chapters. 

The software also enables producers to segment content from non-narrative, topical podcasts in different ways so that audio can be tailored to audiences depending on their preferences and experiences.

Alan Archer-Boyd, audio co-lead at BBC R&D comments, “The outputs from Jemily’s placement will benefit academic researchers and industry members working at the intersection of audio production, music and audio computing, and new media.”  

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Jemily Rime

Jemily Rime

Published on 12 December 2023

Filed under: Research, XR Stories