Introducing Block: An XR Scenographic Tool

Sheffield-based interactive content studio Megaverse are working with partners at the University of Leeds to develop Block – an XR scenographic tool which will allow theatre practitioners and live performance creators to co-design spaces and scenes with the help of Augmented Reality (AR) technology. This project is being funded as part of our Strategic XR funding call, which closed earlier this year.

Using the latest Apple AR devices, Block will enable directors and theatre makers to collaboratively create the foundations of a 3D set, and see their design in the real world with AR. The tool will allow teams to experiment with set design and explore the ways in which architecture can affect the development of narrative. Block will act as a translation tool between technical and non-technical creative teams, speeding up the production workflow.

The project will be informed by research by academics at the University of Leeds, with Megaverse also leading a series of exploratory workshops in collaboration with Dr Joslin McKinney.

You can read more about this project and other developments we’re funding on our projects page.

Published on 6 November 2020

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