Captain Cook: Dead Reckoning

XR Stories has connected students from the University of York with the Captain Cook Museum in Whitby to create a new interactive visitor experience.

The work took place as part of the most recent XR Stories internship scheme, with the museum awarded funding to host interns to develop an existing project. 

During their twelve-week placement, Poppy Fynes (Computer Science) and Hannah Kelsey, Quinn MacMahon and Marco Ng (Interactive Media), developed a prototype web-based game based on an existing paper version developed by the museum team.

‘Captain Cook: Dead Reckoning’ aims to educate and inspire visitors, especially children aged between 7 and 11, about Captain Cook and his travels around the world. 

Players assume the role of crew members to embark on a ten-day journey with the famous explorer, revealing discoveries and fascinating facts as they progress through the game. 

Fusing traditional navigation techniques and turn-based gameplay, Dead Reckoning will feature in the museum in 2024.

Backed by XR Stories’ funding, facilities and expertise support, the interns worked closely with the museum team to pioneer this creative project to boost visitor engagement. The students grew confidence and skills, and gained valuable insights about working in industry. 

Clair Stones, Chairman of the Captain Cook Museum Management Committee said: “The museum was able to leverage the skills of talented University of York students to fast-track development of an interactive experience that uses video game technology to immerse audiences in one of Cook’s awe-inspiring voyages.”

Marco Ng, Interactive Media with a Year in Enterprise student comments: “This internship helped me to develop knowledge of how to work with clients, understand their needs and propose solutions. My skills as a Unity developer also grew”. 

Published on 20 February 2024

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