XR Stories is supporting more businesses to innovate in storytelling

XR Stories is supporting two more Yorkshire-based businesses to work on projects which develop new ways of telling stories. The businesses won funding as a part of our Young XR call, which identified projects with promising commercial potential. Their two projects are set to expand the potential of immersive and interactive technologies for digital storytelling, and are an asset to Yorkshire and the Humber’s thriving digital creativity landscape.

Blockout is being developed with project partners Dubit and the University of Leeds. Blockout is a sports-based virtual reality game which will be developed to encourage young people into the gym and to engage with sports through intuitive immersive game play. Working alongside David Lloyd Gyms, the team has identified that gyms can appear inaccessible to teenagers. The goal of this project is to remove barriers to exercise and encourage young people to move more.

We are also funding work on TRUSTD, which will be developed by Safe Profile Limited and the University of Huddersfield. TRUSTD is an online safety platform that gives parents and children the ability to moderate and filter the internet together. Online safety is a significant problem, especially around young people. With TRUSTD, the project team aims to revolutionise the way that content is moderated, and to make TRUSTD the safety, identity and content preference system for every screen and everyone.

We’ll update you as the projects develop and unfold. We can’t wait to see what the teams create.

Published on 5 October 2020

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