Project partners: Safe Profile Limited and the University of Huddersfield

Online safety is a significant issue, especially for young people. Parents can’t track every single game, app and website accessed by their child. Similarly, developers struggle to stay on top of the challenge of moderating and filtering appropriate content.

Unlike other online safety systems, TRUSTD isn’t surveillance or spyware. TRUSTD is a safety platform which gives parents and children the ability to moderate and filter the internet together. It does this by enabling crowdsourced moderation of online communities to benefit everyone. The project team’s goal is for TRUSTD to be the safety, identity and content preference system for every screen and everyone.

TRUSTD will be a regulation-compliant solution for developers and publishers. The system is independent of current platforms and builds on top of the existing social connections people have via games and social networks.

The research element of this project is focused on the consent and parent/child relationship, and how TRUSTD can be used to help discover possible concerns from either parent or child.

This project aims to create a minimum viable product (MVP) of TRUSTD. This will then explore the challenges the team may face in establishing it as a solution for the wide range of online safety issues across a broad range of industries. The team will also prepare the platform and business for the next stages.

Categories: Technology