The Ghosts in the Machine

Opera North and the University of York

Opera North is continually innovating across artforms and embracing the diversity of skills and artforms inherent in opera; to make bold and ambitious new work, shared in new ways.

This project explores the potential of interactive, spatial audio technology to draw a tech-savvy demographic to engage with a classical opera. An interactive ‘trailer’ will be produced for Opera North’s 2020 production of Benjamin Britten’s The Turn of the Screw. Users of web-based material are encouraged to mix their own aural experience of the opera’s music to create different architectural soundscapes that shape and affect their emotional response to the story. Exploiting the pre-determined nature of the material, the unnerving and ambiguous narrative of this emotive work will be enhanced by manipulating the way it is listened to; the listener able to control the perspective through which this classic story is told.