Sky R&D Challenge

XR Stories partnered with Sky on a research and development (R&D) challenge to explore the creative possibilities of an exciting new digital product. 

A cross-functional team from across Sky’s Content Commissioning, Product Design and Innovation teams worked together with XR Stories and two creative companies from the Yorkshire and Humber region.

Sky tasked the companies with generating ideas for innovative new audience experiences and interactive storytelling experiences. Their ambition was to explore and develop compelling use cases to motivate further internal investment from Sky and inform the technical specification of the product.

Over four months, the project teams developed new prototype concepts based on existing Sky Intellectual Property (IP). Each project adopted an agile approach, focusing on iterative concept development, rapid prototyping and user testing. 

Sheffield-based digital studio, Joi Polloi, developed an immersive motion tracking and gesture control game for children focused on Sky original IP, Tom Gates. The game demonstrated the potential of Sky’s technology to create a multi-sensory adventure for children to play through expression and movement.

Reflex Arc, software developers based in Leeds, developed an immersive audio-driven game, Escape the Dark, for normal sighted, blind and partially sighted users. Focused on Sky IP, The Rising, the game highlighted the potential of Sky’s technology for an accessibility-first approach, using high contrast avatars and 3D immersive soundscapes.

The collaboration with XR Stories enabled Sky to leverage leading academic research and connect with regional companies at the forefront of XR storytelling to explore radical new audience experiences. 

Categories: Research, Technology, TV