Digital Creativity Labs

Digital Creativity Labs is the sister project of XR Stories, bringing together creative industries through excellent research and industry collaboration through the University of York.

Building on a major (£18 million) investment by three UK research councils, four universities, and over 80 collaborative partner organisations from industry, government and the third sector, DC Labs bring together over 30 world-class researchers across creative and scientific disciplines and take a multidisciplinary approach to tackling research challenges with a focus on real-world impact. We provide our partners with new perspectives, leading to highly innovative ideas, technologies and solutions.

Partner organisations gain access to a huge range of high quality research, benefiting from new ideas, cross-collaboration and participation in a community of innovative, active thinkers. They become an integral part of this community, and enjoy the opportunity to arrange visits, brainstorms, and technology review sessions, with preferential access to intellectual property.

Engaging with us provides a valuable opportunity for organisations to access valuable resources to address business concerns, empowering them to build technologies which drive new user experiences, interact with customers in new ways, reach new markets, gain customer insights, and make better decisions using techniques from Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, User Experience Design, Psychology, Sociology and other areas of the sciences, arts and humanities.

We operate in a landscape of world-leading research hubs and funding initiatives, including the £12 million EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Intelligent Games and Game Intelligence (IGGI).