Internship Scheme

XR Stories is offering R&D projects the opportunity to have paid support from students at the University of York.

Internships will be themed around the application of immersive/interactive technology for storytelling around XR Stories’ six core challenge areas:

Narrative experiences for the second screen, complementing major film or TV productions or gaming applications.
Storytelling in VR, as an example of second screen experiences that have the capacity to develop into primary experiences.
The elaboration of second screen experiences into coherent interactive and immersive storyworlds.
The development of interactive and responsive narratives, such as TV programmes that adapt to the contexts in which they are experienced.
The development of dedicated tools for creating, producing and delivering such narrative experiences.
The use of big data analytics and artificial intelligence to shape narrative content creation and delivery.

Interns will be paid a minimum of £8.21 per hour (subject to tax and NI) and placements last for a maximum of 12 weeks. Term-time internships generally require 8-20 hours commitment per week.

Internships will be managed by the University of York’s Student Internship Bureau on behalf of XR Stories. To find out more, contact