Current R&D Projects

We are thrilled to be able to support a wide range of R&D projects with our highly innovative creative screen industries partners in Yorkshire and The Humber, including Revolution Software, IOU Theatre, Live Cinema UK, Opera North, Diva Creative, Vanitas Arts, Studio Maguire, Kit Monkman Associates, Hive IT, Bright White, Vidaveo, Freedom Studios, Bellyfeel Media, Duck Soup Films, Pilot Theatre, the National Railway Museum, Carbon: Imagineering, Fierce Kaiju, Betajester, Louise Malkinson and Gazelle Twin.

Details of our active and completed projects can be found on this page.

  • Traitor – Expanding the Narrative

  • Surround Stories: Immersive Screens for Cultural Exhibition

  • Secret Story Network

  • Sea to Sea Prototype

  • Enriching the visual environments of interactive story-driven games

  • Mind Hopping: Shooting 360 film to experience stories

  • By the rising tide of Humber: Flooding Andrew Marvell’s Hull in VR

  • Digital Meets Theatre: Next stage of Trumpet adaptation

  • The Ghosts in the Machine

  • Projection-Mapped Games Environments

  • Responsive Interpretive Storytelling

  • Archive to AR Immersive storytelling

  • Old Jim’s Library

  • BD Stories