Creative Clusters

The Creative Industries Clusters Programme brings together world-class research talent with companies and organisations from across the UK, through unprecedented research and development funding.

The £80 million arts investment focuses on driving the development of innovation and skills within the creative industry. Projects funded through the scheme will result in commercial products and experiences that can be marketed globally.

The significant investment through the Arts and Humanities Research Council, as part of the Government’s Industrial Strategy, has created nine creative clusters for research funding. A Policy and Evidence Centre, as well as a National Centre for Immersive Storytelling have also been developed alongside the nine clusters.

The nine clusters draw from some of the UK’s best performing and world-renowned creative companies, from the screen industries and digital storytelling, to fashion and video games. The Creative Industries Clusters Programme brings businesses, organisations and Britain’s world-class universities together to ensure the future of the Creative Industries continues to flourish.

XR Stories is one of the nine research clusters, focusing on innovation within immersive technologies in relation to digital storytelling, along with Bristol & Bath R&D, Business of Fashion, Textiles and Technology, Clwstwr, Creative Informatics, Future Fashion Factory, Future Screens NI, InGAME and StoryFutures.

Watch the Story So Far video about the first year of the Creative Clusters programme.